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Every artist deserves recognition. Good art work definately deserves recognition. Finding just the right way to identify works of art can sometimes be a tedious task. If not downright frustrating.

MIDNIGHT THINKINGS recognizes these facts and offers the artist and professional frame shop alternatives to fit your particular requirements. With a variety of identifying art name plates to compliment your works. Several of our designs and materials are especially suited to use with barnwood frames.

Laser Engraved Materials Available:

  • .004" Laser Thin in Brushed Gold and Silver (lettering is black), and a Smooth Black with gold colored lettering. This material may easily be attached directly to the matte board and sandwich safely between the glass and matte.
  • 1/32" Laserable plastics in Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver and, Brushed Copper colors.
  • All plastics for art title plates are UV tolerant.
  • Finland Birch (1/64th inch thick wood) gives a distinctivly unique, antique appearance and compliments most frame mouldings that have a natural wood type finish.
  • Natural Alder - wood is 3/32" thick with a smooth, cab laquered finish. Click for Sample
  • 1/16" Birch wood with Antique Gold finish.
  • Metal Nameplates: Aluminum and painted brass metal nameplates. View a Sample
  • Leather (8 - 10 oz.) for the unusual effect.

Other Features

  • 12 Standard styles & sizes - we will gladly customize Art Name Plates to your specifications too!
  • Variety of Decorative Fonts to choose from.
  • A variety of traditional and ornamental shapes are available.
  • Hi-tack adhesive backing is standard (Decor series) for ease of application to mattes or frames.
  • Optional nail holes (brads provided free)
  • Holes cut for decorative brass/silver screws optional.
  • Optional simulated nail holes can be added too.
  • Laser Thin material is very flexible and conforms easily to round sculpture bases.
  • Art Nameplates can be adapted to other uses: to adorn scrapbooks, photo albums, collectibles albums, to turn a bottle of champagne into a keepsake gift, shelf labeling in the library or studio... just let your imagination run wild.

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Click to view all our varieties of identification name plates for your art...

Top to bottom: Black lettering on brushed gold, Finland Birch nameplate, unfinished craft wood, stain finished craft wood, black on brushed silver ornate design, leather.

New Art Title Plates Available Now
Prestige Art Name Plate is made of brass with gold border.Brass Prestige Name Plates are laser engraved and have a gold border that really makes your art look even better! Brass Prestige Nameplates are 3 inches wide by 1" tall.

Smaller sized art name plates for small pieces of art.

Similar to the Brass Prestige Name Plates, we've added a much smaller version of our Style 3 Art Name Plate - the Style No. 3SP. Smaller sizes of artwork don't require large nameplates that appear awkwardly large and do not  compete with the art in the frame.
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