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We'd Love To Hear From You - WCP-NM.COM, Midnight Thinkings, and The Olathe Poste continually strives to meet our commitment to our Internet guests and customers with the best experience possible. Your feedback is invaluable to us. We feel that it is essential that we show our appreciation by addressing each inquiry with a complete, deliberate, and meaningful response.

As part of this effort, we prefer to maintain traditional channels of communication as opposed to the quick, casual format associated with e-mail. We dedicate time and research to accurately respond to each letter we receive. We handle each letter in the order it is received and strive to respond with accurate, specific and professionally written business letters from the appropriate members of our organization.

P. O. Box 707
Olathe, Colorado 81425 USA

If for some reason you're contacting us requires a response with greater expediency than allowed by normal mail service, please use this form. Remember, however, that our response will be in letter form, delivered by the appropriate postal authority.   - Thank you!

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